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Worth the listen

Great podcast. These guys know how to run a podcast and are fun to listen to.

Three Thumbs Up!

A fun, engaging and thoughtful podcast.

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The coolest podcast on the MF planet

An Informative Podcast for those who are curious about life

Griz and Gerry tackle a range of issues through their podcast, and with each episode the seek to drive a conversation with their guest that is informative and useful for the listener. They do so in a way that is both engaging and humorous. Really like the work they are doing.

Wonderful discussions

Griz and Gerry conduct informative interviews and welcome challenging discussions. I appreciate how Griz and Gerry created an open space to discuss racial equity for our interview. Thank you, Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis June 14, 2021 Interviewee

Enjoy every bit!!

I get excited every time they have a new episode! Great diverse topics, with two hilarious guys who balance silly and science. Bold opinions with true hearts. If you haven’t listened yet you are surly missing out.

Great Listen

Love the banter between these 2 guys, they keep it interesting and engaging. And love that no topic is off limits. They are not a one theme podcast. Keep it up guys

great show lots of fun

3 out of 5 stars love the show