Believe it or not, we do get a lot of questions about the podcast from listeners. So to make it easier and faster, these are the most common questions.


Why should I subscribe to the podcast? Because the content is the best you can get! When you subscribe to the podcast it actually comes with some pretty dope perks. You get bonus episodes, merch discounts, the occasional free merch in our random loyal listener giveaways, hell we'll even give birthday shout outs if you ask us to. The list will keep growing too so subscribe now and you won't get left behind!


How can I become a guest on the podcast? It's easy. Just ask us, and tell us what you want to talk about. You can do it from the contact page here: Contact or you can email us at beautifulbastardspodcast@gmail.com


What if I want to hear a topic you haven't covered on the podcast? This one is super easy too. Go to the Contact page and tell us what you want to know all about. You would be surprised by what we can fill an episode with.


What kind of equipment do you use for the podcast? Gerry uses an Electro-voice RE-20 microphone, Scarlett 2i2 interface, Sony a6400 4k camera, and an Atem Mini Pro streaming switcher and Windows PC.

Griz uses an Audiotechnica AT-2020 microphone, Scarlett solo interface, GoPro Hero 7 Black Camera, Camlink streaming adapter, and a Windows laptop.

We both do the editing on the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.



We're always adding to this list, so check back any time you have a question if you don't feel like typing an email. But really, type the email. We're cool as hell, and we'll answer you.