April 19, 2021

Mental Health with Ben Edwards

Mental Health with Ben Edwards

On this week’s episode we talk to Ben Edwards. He’s an advocate for mental health awareness in the UK, as well as a counselor, and host of a mental health podcast called “A Positive Step”. Listen to follow along as he takes us through the modern mental health landscape in the developed world. 

Ben Edwards Profile Photo

Ben Edwards

Check out Ben's podcast to hear more of his ideas and content. Here's how he describes his show: The project is a podcast which aims to discuss self-help, give advice, and help empower consumers to take positive action in their own lives and make positive changes. Podcast episodes would look to anonymously answer questions and provide advice based on questions asked by listeners. The questions will be gathered via social media (Instagram) and answered anonymously during that week’s podcast. Polls will be run each week to allow followers to vote on what topics they want to be addressed and so they feel part of what is going on and that their voice is heard. I strive for this to become a supportive and empowering community where people feel comfortable sharing their problems, helping themselves and each other and slowly learning to become more positive in their daily life.