Aug. 9, 2021

Hive Mind with Andy Norman

Hive Mind with Andy Norman

Andy Norman is a public philosopher and an award winning author of the book “Mental Immunity”. This week he introduces all of us to a new concept that can help us explain some of society’s recent serious issues. Fake News, conspiracy theories, and all around complete nonsense all have something in common. A lack of critical thinking. Listen to find out Andy Norman’s take on how we got here, and how we can get out of it.

Andy Norman Profile Photo

Andy Norman

Andy Norman is an award-winning author and public philosopher. He studies how the mind’s immune system works and helps people develop their immunity to bad ideas. He thinks this is the key to growing wiser together.

In his book Mental Immunity, he lays out the conceptual foundations of cognitive immunology—the emerging science of mental immune health. He’s currently testing a “mind vaccine”—a way to inoculate minds against viral nonsense.

Andy's book, Mental Immunity, is available wherever books are sold. Learn more about it at Also, you can plug in to the cognitive immunology revolution by following Andy's Facebook page: AndyNormanauthor.