Taylor Realand

Taylor is one of the hosts of Contrarix. It's an interesting podcast, and he does a better job describing it than we can.
"We believe in the incredible, the thought-provoking, and the awe-inspiring—ideas that require a publishing company dedicated to exploring the world. At Contrarix, we understand that writers and artists are the vessels of thought, the guides for discovery, and the vanguards for freedom. We believe in the power of discourse, and with Contrarix, creators can be part of a conversation much larger than themselves. We are not simply another publishing company; we are a beacon of light for dialogue and discovery, and we are breaking down the barriers between disparate minds."

April 05, 2021

California is Just too Damn Big!

On this week's episode, we have a special guest from a podcast called Contrarix. His name is Taylor, and he's an ambitious young conservative who also likes the idea of splitting up the huge states into much smaller states. S...