Nickolas Natale

- I lived in a 1986 Chevy Suburban for 3 years (Half of that time another man lived in the 'Burb with me).
- I paid off $60,000 in student loans in 11 months
- Graduated with a software engineering degree in 3 years
- Survived a government investigation (I work for the Department of Defense)
- Traveled to 17 different countries (One trip I was invited to China to speak about Faith!)
- I'm nearing 10 failed businesses however I've learned a lot.
- Been content creating on the Internet for close to a decade
- Been running a podcast for a year and a half and haven't lost steam yet! (There's still time though).
- Trained actor at the Groundlings Comedy Improv theatre and trained in long form dramatic improv for 2 years.
- Director of a handful of narrative scenes

August 16, 2021

Living In A Van Down By The River-Nick Natale

Nick lived in a 1986 Chevy Suburban for a full 3 years. In that time he paid off $60,000 in debt, survived a federal investigation, gained a roommate, and improved his life. It's a story too weird to make up, and you get to...