What the hell is this show?

How many times have you read a social media post and thought, this is totally fake news, who would believe this?

     If you’re like us, it’s almost daily. We live in a generation where the news cycle is instantaneous. No one can debate that, but what scares the shit out of us on this podcast is just how many people believe what they read without giving it a second thought. We started this show to move people in the direction of discovering the truth of the world around them. Not in the “watch out for Illuminati overlords, and the earth is flat” kind of way either. We mean the real truth. Like Covid vaccines don't track you, or sterilize you kind of truth. Climate change is real kind of truth. Things that used to have facts behind them before advertising income became the single, most powerful driving force in the information industry.

     If you want to hear from the experts in their field without the modern media filter, you came to the right place. We don't hide from tough topics, even when we find out we were wrong, so that you get to hear the real deal. You even get to take part if you want to. On this podcast, we want our listeners to engage. If you think you can contribute to the conversation, you should. Maybe you will even end up on the show, because we don't just interview famous people. We interview real people.


Remember, the world is bigger than you. Find out how it really works with us!