Beautiful Bastards Podcast

Beautiful Bastards Podcast

Every Monday we release an episode with an interview guest totally different from the week before, and sometimes it's just us without a guest.

We get to talk to people from all walks of life on this show ranging from polyamory experts to science fiction authors, political analysts to police officers, liberals, conservatives, Hollywood professionals, you name it, and we will cover it. It’s the kind of podcast where you get to hear everything you never knew you wanted to know. Leave that 24 hour social media news feed behind, and listen to find out the whole story.

Tune in to listen, learn and take action

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Recent Episodes

#80 Hey teacher, Leave those kids alone! - Barbara Mojica

May 23, 2022

Author, educator, and parent, Barbara Mojica provides tools to inspire, entertain and educate youth. History is the key to solving today’s problems. Tired of being bombarded by social media noise? Accept the challenge. Be …

#79 The Man Behind the Laughs - Scott Edwards

May 16, 2022

Have you ever wondered what your favorite comedians are doing before they make it big? Scott Edwards is here to tell us. After owning multiple comedy clubs for 20 years he knows a thing or two about funny business. Whether h…

#78 G&G Conspiracy edition

May 9, 2022

griz and gerry diving into the world of conspiracies

#77 The May G&G Show

May 2, 2022

This week the boys are at it again! Griz and Gerry Spend this month's G&G Episode trying the whiskey of the month and talking about things that matter. Why don't killer whales eat humans, and why would you poop in someone's …

#77 bridge between two worlds - keiland Cooper

April 25, 2022

a scientist at the University of California. The core of keiland's work is somewhere in the middle of neuroscience, data science, and artificial intelligence. Most recently, he has worked on projects that help us understand …

#76 Drinking Japanese with Chris Pellegrini

April 18, 2022

Chris Pellegrini is the founder of Honkaku Spirits, an alcohol related company out of Fukuoka, Japan specializing in "Koji Whiskey". He got his start brewing beer in his closet as a kid in Vermont, and its been an alcohol…